Friday, March 5, 2010

She is

She wakes me up in the morning.
She again wakes me up in the morning.
She wakes me up in the evening.
She does not sleep without talking to me.

She was there when we went for a date in rickshaw.
She was there when we went for a date in my dad's car.
She was there when we went for a date on my bike.
She is here when petrol prices seem too high to me.

She was with me when I was jobless.
She was with me when I had too many offers.
She was with me when I looked set to conquer the world.
She is with me when I am jobless.

She was mine when I was in school.
She was mine when I did my undergrad.
She was mine when I did my postgrad.
She is mine when I am going nowhere.

We were together when it was sunshine.
We were together when it rained.
We were together when it was spring.
We are together when it is dark.

She is my shadow.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Of being and knowing

Yet again, I was reminded of my prejudiced attitude towards a certain section of the society. In spite of being aware of this fact, I somehow don’t seem to change my stance. But this post is not about my biases; it is about my capabilities, or the lack of them. I realized that I have not learnt anything during the last two years at a place where opportunities were too many to choose from.

An analysis of the characters of The Fountainhead came across my mind. Leonard Peikoff, in his analysis describes one of the characters as the one ‘Who is not and who does not know this’. Another character is defined as the one ‘Who is not and who knows this’. Taking this further, I thought of describing some more characters of the novel. What I came up with is the matrix shown below. Please note that my understanding may be different from yours and may also be different from Ms Rand’s intentions.

I am not, and the worst part is that I know.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is sheher se dil laga ke...

Being from NCR, Mumbai is the last city in India about which I am allowed think anything good.

But breaking that protocol, I could not stop myself from speaking what I feel about the city. Only I know how I long to find that monday or friday (or preferably tuesday or thursday) in the academic calender that PGP office puts on the notice board the very first day of the academic session, and consequently running away from this place at the very first opportunity that I get.

I have no idea why my heartbeat starts increasing the moment that plane touches the runway. I have no idea why I love those 6 letters in white written over the blue background that they have put on the international terminal. The feeling has a highly positive correlation with the fuel consumption of the bus engine that takes me to the nearest place where I am allowed to walk. The charge that I feel everytime while walking down that 150 m stretch through to the Arrivals gate can only be compared to what I felt while walking down the ramp for the first time.

This charge is in complete incongruence to what I feel inside the local train.

Mumbai Local
If you have not travelled in a local, I do not consider that you have been to Mumbai.
If you have travelled in a local, but have not traversed that bridge at Dadar station, you are still no better.

Since I have been to the celebrated bridge, I can safely comment on the local. I find it a highly convenient and an unavoidable means of transport for anyone residing in the city.

The best part of Mumbai local is that it has saperate ladies compartments. So what, even our DTC (Delhi transport corporation) buses have reserved seats for ladies?
The catch here is that ladies are aware of the loaction where the compartment will arrive, and therefore they stand at that very place on the platform.

The advantages are-
  1. This place is generally very near to the overbridge you take to land at the plaform.
  2. This information provides for a highly convenient sight, with everything on the station worth watching concentrated in a very small area.
I am crazy about maps. In fact I am arguably the most frequent non-official user of google maps. Next post dedicated to the geography of this highly celebrated city.