Saturday, January 16, 2010

Of being and knowing

Yet again, I was reminded of my prejudiced attitude towards a certain section of the society. In spite of being aware of this fact, I somehow don’t seem to change my stance. But this post is not about my biases; it is about my capabilities, or the lack of them. I realized that I have not learnt anything during the last two years at a place where opportunities were too many to choose from.

An analysis of the characters of The Fountainhead came across my mind. Leonard Peikoff, in his analysis describes one of the characters as the one ‘Who is not and who does not know this’. Another character is defined as the one ‘Who is not and who knows this’. Taking this further, I thought of describing some more characters of the novel. What I came up with is the matrix shown below. Please note that my understanding may be different from yours and may also be different from Ms Rand’s intentions.

I am not, and the worst part is that I know.